About Techno Group

We proudly serve the biggest export earner and GDP contributor of Bangladesh - the RMG sector.

We are experienced. Now in our third decade of operation, we have witnessed first-hand the evolutionary process of the textiles industry in Bangladesh since the 80s. We have worked with the most renowned names, nationally and internationally, in the spinning and knitting industry.

We are visionaries. We started out as an indenting enterprise, and steadily built on our reputation as being intelligent, trustworthy, and transparent to become more vertically integrated over the years.

We have strong operational capabilities. In the past three decades of our operation, we have launched Techno Spinning Mills Ltd. & Techno Textile Mills Ltd.: 100% export-oriented spinning mills of 28,000 spindles and 24,000 spindles with 768 rotors respectively, which manufactures high quality cotton yarn of various counts ranging from 7s' to 20s' open end and 16s' to 40s' count ring spun yarn

We contribute to the economy. Equally important to us is our ability to provide job opportunities for 1,350 employees, and the subsequent families we helped thorough our initiatives.